What Makes Us Unique

Our California doodles are well-loved by everyone they meet. They are fun, intelligent, gorgeous, athletic and great family companions. 

We are very small, conscientious, natural rearing breeders. All of our dogs are our pets and live in our homes as our family members, enjoying life right along side us, or they grow up in “forever homes” with wonderful San Francisco Bay Area families who have chosen to become a guardian home for the short time the dog is in our program.

Our litters are thoughtfully planned in advance, and our families are often chosen prior to the breeding. We are only taking a couple more deposits for this next litter, and then will close the litter for reservations. We may also be looking for a loving guardian home in the Mill Valley or Northern California Bay Area to raise our pick-of-the-litter as their pet. Let us know if you would like more info regarding our guardian program.

Our puppies are whelped and raised inside of our family home, and hand raised by our family to achieve the greatest socialization by the time they leave to join their new families. The puppies are also very lucky to be socialized with the kindergarten children and their families, who attend our private program at our residence.

We naturally rear purposefully bred Multi-gen Labradoodles, from premium lines of multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. All of our dogs come from carefully chosen, long lines of fully genetic and health tested dogs. Test results for our dogs are all available upon request. Our puppies come with 2 year health guarantees/warranties and are holistically raised, well socialized and raised on a balanced diet of human grade raw foods (i.e. hormone and antibiotic-free, free range, organic and grass fed meats), as to provide the highest quality canine diet for optimal health and gene expression. Our dogs receive the best of veterinary care by our renowned licensened Homepathic and Holistic Vets, as well as our  UC Davis Reproductive Vet (and professor).

We never use chemical insecticides or pesticides orally or topically on our dogs, and are cautious of any exposure to toxins of any kind (i.e. we use only natural disinfectants, and do not expose the puppies to bleached surfaces). The puppies are monitored carefully as they are developing and guaranteed to be in full health when they go to their new homes.

We are primarily breeding mediums, and they will range in size from the small end of mediums to the larger end of mediums. The average weight of our mediums is 30-40 pounds (We’ve had some under 30, some a little over and can predict this easier through our careful pairing of the parents). 

Our puppies consistently range in the colors of apricots/golds/reds, with gorgeous wavy to curly soft fleece coats. However, out of respect for mother nature and genetics, we always say we could be pleasantly surprised with an unexpected color, size or coat.

Most of our doodles stay local to the San Francisco California Bay Area (though many families have been chosen from further away and other states when they are a great fit). We like to be close to be helpful to the families, and we like the families who have our puppies to feel like extended family. We have created a lovely community, and many of the doodle owners become friends and help each other out with puppy sitting when someone needs to go away. Several of the doodles get to grow up and remain friends. You would not have to take advantage of this doodle community and new friends, however, the families we choose are wonderful and it turns out they all just love the idea of becoming friends or lending a hand.