Cascade Canyon Labradoodle
Preliminary Puppy Application
(If approved, a more detailed application will follow)

Phone Number
Your doodle gender, size and color preference:
List all members living in household, include sex and age:
Spouse's name
Spouse's Occupation
Living arragements. Rent, own, apartment or house
Allergies (describe)
Smoking or nonsmoking
Have you every owned a Labradoodle before? Why is this your current choice?
Fenced Yard?
How much time do you have each day to spend with your doodle?
Where will your Doodle sleep?
If gone during the day, when and how will you care for your puppy?
How active is your lifestyle? Describe.
How will you exercise your Doodle?
How do you plan to socialize your puppy?
Other breeds & ages of other dogs living or owned by you, and if they are spayed or neutered?
Our puppies are placed as pets only, not breeding prospects, and will be spayed/neutered.
Do you understand and acknowledge your puppy will be a pet only, and not chosen as a breeding prospect?
Will you go to puppy class with your puppy? To what level do you intend to train?
How will you exercise your Doodle?
Please list 2 personal references that I can contact. (Non family)

Exciting News from Cascade Canyon...

We are expecting a litter end of Feb. Mimi had a wonderful date week with Bean (Bouy) from Sky Canyon Labradoodles. This is our 3rd litter with Bean. We love the doodles that we have created together. We encourage you to keep checking in for updates on our new website, and to see how the babies are growing.