Our Family

We are a native California family with a great love of the outdoors. We are avid rock climbers, hikers, surfers, adventurers. Our Labradoodles accompany us in all of our adventures.

We hold a reverence for all life, and know that our actions, words and deeds have a direct impact on those around us. Humans and animals alike.

We believe it is everyone's responsiblity to help make the world a happier, more loving and caring place. This can be approched by building upon a foundation of kindness, unconditional love and gratitude. 

One of our contributions to the world in this way is through the hand rearing and nurturing of healthy, intelligent Australian Labradoodle puppies, to open peoples hearts and bring years of joy, warmth, laughter, companionship and love.

We are devoted to this special breed, knowing first hand how these doodles enhance one's quality of life. 

Emotional, Physical and Social wellness are a keystone of our family, and our breeding program.

We are breeding our Labradoodle puppies for consistency, with the goal of raising therapy temperaments. Our doodles have helped children and adults alike face difficult challenges in their lives, and help them cope with anxiety, depression and fears.  We have seen the many gifts our puppies and dogs bring to people both individually, and as a family, bringing them together in a way they did not know was possible. 

Everyone in our family comes together to help raise and shape our puppies for their adopting families. Through our love for animals and extensive experience training and rearing horses and dogs, we have seen how therapeutic the bond can be between a human and an animal. Our puppies are raised in our family and our natural home environment, prancing around at our feet and curling up on our laps every chance they can get. Their goal in life is to share their love with us, recieve love from us, and to please and help us. What more could we ask for?

We also have a lovely preschool and Kindergarten on our property, and the children and their families to help us socialize the puppies as they grow. Our small, hands-on breeding program also helps teach the children how to nurture and provide care and love to an animal.

We carefully hand pick who will raise each puppy, and educate our puppy families regarding organic natural rearing, the optimal canine diet and species appropriate foods.

We work to build the strongest constitutions in our lines, which gets passed on genetically. ​ We avoid chemical pesticides for fleas and ticks, subjecting our Labradoodles to unnecessary vaccines which can lead to chronic illness and disease.

We work with renowned holistic vets that are also licensed in homeopathy, and we choose homepathic remedies and holistic methods for ailments whenever possible. In addition, all of our reproductive and any other necessary allopathic medical care is done with the support of our team of excellent Vets, including our Northern California U.C. Davis reproductive vet/professor.

We also do all of our own Labradoodle grooming with natural products, to ensure our dogs do not come in contact with any chemical products. In addition, we do not use chemicals on our property indoors or outdoors; our gardens and landscaping are organically grown and all of our cleaning supplies are non toxic. 

We are comitted to rearing the healthiest, most balanced Australian Labradoodle puppy to place in your family, and we are passionate about our approach.

If you would like to inqure about a Multigen Australian Labradoodle puppy to add to your family, please send us a note!

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