Health Standards
Our Practices and Commitments to our
Puppies and Dogs


There is a great wealth of info online regarding Natural Rearing Dog Breeders. Here are some of our practices, which we are passionate about. Our goal is to create dogs with the strongest constitution genetically, and pass on the healthiest lines. 

~ We breed our dogs conscientiously, with the goal to always improve the breed. Our puppies are hand raised in our home in Mill Valley, California.

~ All of our parent Labradoodles have full genetic disease/health panels complete before breeding, as well as OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) certifications for their hips and elbows, CERF clearances for their eyes, and clear patellas.

~ We thoroughly test each puppy genetically for health, temperament, conformation and correct structure, before any are chosen to carry on our lines, and provide copies of all appropriate health and genetic clearances to puppy adopters, when asked.

~ We rear our Australian Labradoodle puppies with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation exercises), maximum socialization and apply Puppy Culture training and enrichment techniques, to create better-adjusted (emotionally and socially) dogs.   

~ Each Labradoodle puppy is temperament tested and structurally evaluated. 

~ We are committed to feeding/rearing our dogs on the optimal canine diets to build the strongest constitutions. We feed human grade, high quality raw foods and meats, and we seek to choose meats from naturally raised grass fed stock, organic, hormone and antibiotic-free. Our dogs are not fed processed kibble, grains or other foods that do not lead to rearing vital animals. We have been feeding a raw diet to our dogs and weaning puppies this way for over seven years. 

~ We do not use pharmaceuticals as preventatives, because these break down and weaken a dogs immune system. We do not administer unnecessary vaccines (except and only where required by state laws). 

~ Our dogs are raised in chemical and toxin-free environments. We do not use chemical products in, on or around our dogs, such as commercial flea pesticides/preventatives, floor or surface cleaners, air fresheners, lawn & garden pesticides, etc. Each of these products is an assault on the immune system.

~ We personally and carefully screen each prospective puppy buyer to ensure that the home is appropriate for each individual puppy, and we make every effort to place puppies in homes where they will continue to rear them naturally. 

~ We remain available to our Labradoodle puppy adopters for the life of the puppy, and provide education in natural rearing. 

~ We take back puppies/dogs at any time during their life, ensuring that each dog we breed has a nurturing home for its lifetime. 

~ We place each puppy with great care. We will not place any puppy or adult dog in a home with someone who cannot or will not provide evidence of ability to properly care for the animal’s physical, social and emotional needs. None of our puppies will ever be sold to a commercial facility, puppy broker, pet shop, puppy mill or their agent.

~ We hold ourselves responsible for the welfare of every dog we breed.