Our Favorite Things

Getting ready for a new puppy is very exciting. Over the years, we have found the products that work the best for us and are made to last. Here is a list of things that we highly recommend. Some you will need immediately when you bring your puppy home, so will be useful in the near future. Training treats can be found at the bottom under the "Toys and Treats" section. Links are provided through our Amazon affiliate account, to the correct size of the items you will need. 

Puppy Essentials

A few words about some of the recommended products below:

Training a puppy starts from the moment he or she is born. The early experiences a puppy has imprint on the brain forever. This begins with smells, touch, sound and when the puppy's eyes open, sight. Every moment is a training moment, and it is important to have excellent training sources to make the best use of every moment.  Puppy Culture Methods is a DVD that will help the puppy owner to know what we, the breeders, have done to start your puppy right. From Early Neurological Stimiluation techniques to various training and handling methods, we work to create a balanced puppy that handles transitions and new experiences with confidence and success. The new puppy owner can learn and carry on the techniques we have started with, and gain a deep understanding of the developmental phases and needs of a puppy.

The books and DVD's by Patricia McConnell PhD are always our go-to sources for further traning and we highly recommend her approach.

Helpful training tools that your puppy has already been introduced to, such as the clicker, the crate, the leash and collar etc. are listed below so you can continue with a smooth transition. We recommend Lupine leashes and collars because of the durability of the fabric and buckles, and because the company will stand behind and replace their products regardless of whether the puppy chews them up or they break. We have never had either happen...but they are a fantasic product with a great choice of designs. We also highly recommend that each dog is safely harnessed into a car for all rides, with the Kurgo crash-tested harness and adjustable seat belts. 

A few other essentials in this category are the natural enzyme cleaners by Nature's Miracle, the biodegradable waste bags and the Bitter Apple Spray, to spray on items that you do not want the puppy to be interested in chewing on. The snuggle puppy helps the puppy sleep through the first nights away from the mama and littermates (with it's soothing heartbeat). Jax and Bones makes the greatest selection of cozy doggy beds for your furry family member to lounge and play in while you are hanging out together in the living room or other gathering places. They are made in the San Francisco Bay Area and the choices of fabric include a soft waterproof option, which unzips so the covers can be washed.

Grooming Supplies

The best way to care for gorgeous, long-hair is to have the right tools. There are a number of combs and brushes on the market, but the ones that we recommend have proven to us to be the best ones to handle the job with the greatest results, the easiest on the owner and the easiest on the pup. Christ Christensen's tools are professional grooming tools that are made to last. They use the highest quality materials and grind the tips of the combs and pin brushes so they are more comfortable on the dog's sensitive skin. Even if you take your dog to the groomer regularly, you will need to keep up with daily combing and care, just as you would your child. These are the products that we use on all of our own dogs, after trying many different ones over the years. We also recommend Wondercide, Cedarcide, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and only all natural products if you want to use something for fleas and ticks. We are not advocates of pesticides (neurotoxins) being used in, or on your pets.​​

Food and Health  

We are advocates for the optimal canine species appropriate diet. Puppies and dogs are carnivores. Their stomachs and guts are designed to eat and process raw meats. The live enzymes and essential nutrients they recieve from eating their ancestral diet allow them to do much more than live, it provides them the opportunty to live a life of vitality. If you want your puppy to grow up to have the strongest consitution and be truly vital, you will want to keep him or her on a diet of human grade, hormone and antibiotic-free meats that have not been processed, heated and filled with glutens and grains. Dogs, if given the choice, will eat fresh meat over soybeans and peas every time. If not given the choice, they will be forced to eat what you give them. Give your furry family member the true gift of health and vitality. Choose one of the many raw foods made by companies who recognize the truth about dog food.

Toys and Treats

There are many toys and treats to choose from. We recommend natural raw bones (cooked bones splinter) that you can get from your local meat market. Dogs and puppies can eat any type of bone as long as it is raw. Raw, meaty, marrow bones are the best and after they have eaten the goodies off of them, the bones are chewed on to keep the teeth and gums clean and provide extra calcium. Additional items can be added, such as natural antlers. Toys for chewing and playing with should be carefully chosen. We prefer toys that are made in the USA (a simple search on Amazon for toys made the USA will result in many) and if possible, of organic materials. Be careful to notice the materials and try to always choose non toxic, and items made in China. We will be adding a good selection on our website soon, come back and check in later!